48 Serving Emergency Soup Grab and Go Bucket

48 servings, 25-year shelf life, versatile survival and adventure food.

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The ReadyWise logo on a red background.“Stay ready for emergencies, adventures, and every day.”

Emergency food kit bucket and a dish of prepared soup.  “Emergency Soup Variety Bucket."

This bucket include the meals you need to stay ready: 2 Hearty Tortilla Soup pouches, 2 Tomato Basil with Pasta pouches, 2 Hearty Veggie Chili Soup pouches, 2 Chicken-Flavored Noodle Soup pouches, 2 Cheesy Potato Soup pouches, and 2 Creamy Cheddar Broccoli Soup pouches packed into a ready-to-move storage bucket.

Camping in snow with an emergency kit bucket, box, and emergency bag. "Different storage options."

ReadyWise believes in keeping you ready for every occasion, which is why we offer multiple kit and storage options to suit your individual needs. Whether it’s a bulk food box for your pantry, an easy-to-transport food bucket, or a grab-and-go meal bag to keep in your car, we’ve thought of every way to keep you stocked with supplies, no matter your household size.

A person preparing a ReadyWise freeze-dried food pouch in a bowl. Text reads: "Easy-prep meals.
Diagram of the survival food kits’ packaging layers.Innovative packaging for optimum protection.”


48 Serving Emergency Soup Grab and Go Bucket

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