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TRAVEL Berkey Water Filter System Includes 2 Black Berkey Filters

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  • 1.5 Gallon
  • 18" Height - 7.5" Diameter
  • 304 stainless steel
  • 1-3 people


Travel Berkey

  • Capacity:

    1.5 Gallon

  • Height:


  • Diameter:


  • Weight:

    6 lb.

  • Material:

    304 stainless steel

  • Finish:


  • Max Flow Rate:

    2.75 gallon per hour when upper chamber is full

  • Weight - Filled:

    18 lb.

  • Spigot Material:

    BPA-free high-impact FDA-grade black polypropylene plastic.

  • Storage Dimensions:


Included in the box

  • Upper and bottom chambers,
  • 2 black filters,
  • Spigot,
  • 2 wing nuts,
  • Primer ring

Customer Reviews

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How do I perform a Red Food Coloring Test?

Add 1 teaspoon of artificial red food coloring (we Recommend McCormick’s Red food coloring or any artificial food coloring) for every gallon that your Berkey® System can hold into the top chamber.  Place a cup under each Black Berkey® Purifier in the bottom chamber to catch the water.  As long as the water in the cups does not have a red or pink hue, the purifiers are working properly.

Ensure that you do not have the Berkey PF-2 Elements installed in the system when performing this test.  This test should be performed upon initial setup and every six months after that.

How do I store my Black Berkey® Purification Elements?

If you are going to be leaving the system unattended for 3-4 days or less, remove the elements from the top chamber and drain out any water within them.  Once drained, place them in a sealable bag while the carbon is still damp and force out any air in the bag.  Store the elements in the front of your refrigerator to maintain freshness while not exposing them to the colder temperatures in the back of the fridge.  Store the purifiers this way for no more than two weeks.  Re-prime the elements before reinstalling them in your Berkey® System.

If you will be storing your elements for more than 3-4 days, remove the purifiers and thoroughly dry them.  You can do this by either placing them on a windowsill that’s exposed to sunlight for 1-2 days, or by drying them with the Black Berkey Primer.  Once they are bone-dry, store the purifiers in a sealable bag at room temperature.  The elements will have an indefinite shelf-life as long as they are stored this way.  Re-prime the elements before reinstalling them in your Berkey® System.

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